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Dr. Matthew Zakreski (affectionately known as “Dr. Matt”) is a seasoned clinical psychologist and professional speaker renowned for his expertise in serving neurodivergent individuals (people with different brains such as gifted, ADHD, Autism, and dyslexia). Dr. Matt thrives in supporting young people in understanding, developing, and celebrating their unique brains while developing strengths-based ways of operating in their world. He is best known for his work with gifted individuals as an advocate for using accessible understanding of neurodivergent needs to implement high-level supports. Having delivered over 500 talks all over the world, Dr. Matt has cultivated a reputation as a dynamic keynote speaker, captivating audiences with his insightful presentations and empowering messages.

Dr. Matthew Zakreski, PsyD

Founder & Lead Psychologist of NDC

Charles is an experienced and credentialed neurodiversity practitioner on a mission to create value for neurodistinct populations. Experience includes roles servicing neurodistinct clients in K-12 education, postsecondary education, vocational rehabilitation, nonprofits, and the private sector. Charles is passionate about helping businesses and universities embrace authentic neuroinclusion by elevating and amplifying neurodistinct perspectives as well as demonstrating the compelling “business case” for actively recruiting, hiring, and retaining neurodistinct professionals. Charles works with a global network of stakeholders to foster awareness, acceptance, and advancement of neurodistinct people in the workplace. Charles offers students and job seekers accommodations and career counseling designed to help neurodistinct adults achieve their postsecondary and employment goals. 


Charles Kransberger, MA

Workplace Consultant & Coach


Jake Noonan, MA

Educational Coach

Jake Noonan is a deep thinking, dynamic teacher and writer who approaches education in a creative and multidimensional manner.
Jake has over 10 years of teaching at traditional and alternative K-12  schools. In each grade, Jake specialized in working with neurodivergent students while offering authenticity and understanding. Jake is passionate about collaborating with each student to ensure that the individual goals are supported in all projects and discussions. Jake graduated from American Public University Systems in 2023 with an MFA in Humanities and from Temple University in 2014 with a BA in Secondary Education with a focus on English and Philosophy. Outside of academia, Jake spends time working on a multitude of creative projects at once such as music production, playing drums in several bands, writing fiction, and digital illustration.

Julia Nelson possesses a diverse professional background in non-profit, corporate and sales settings. Julia prides herself on rapid communication, client discretion and professional integrity. She is highly organized and a skilled problem solver who firmly believes there is always (always!) a solution. After earning her degree in journalism from New York University, Julia worked in event planning and human resources in Boston and New York City. In her spare time, Julia loves cooking, traveling and family movie nights.


Julia Nelson

Virtual Assistant

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