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Dr. Matt has shaped his career around his passion for serving this population, starting with being a counselor (and a camper) at the Center for Talented Youth summer program as a teenager. He received BAs in Psychology and Communications at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC.  Dr. Matt assisted with research at Harvard Psychophysiology Lab at the Harvard University Business School in Cambridge, MA before making his way to graduate school at Widener University, where he earned his Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) from the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology. 

In addition to his clinical and consulting work, Dr. Matt has several published articles, and was asked to be a reviewer for the American Psychological Association's "Top 20 Principles from Psychology PreK-12 Creative, Talented, and Gifted Students' Teaching and Learning".

He lives in NJ with his wife, 2 kids, and 2 cats.  He is always thrilled to discuss ultimate frisbee, soccer, and anything related to comics and cartoons.

Matthew Zakreski, PsyD

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Dr. Julia is a psychologist licensed in PA and NJ. She is a certified perinatal mental health specialist, sexuality and LGBTQ educator, and writer. She is also proudly the Clinical Director at Courage Medicine, a non-profit in Philadelphia that focuses on harm reduction and addiction/recovery and sexual health.

She is not currently taking new therapy clients, but is available for trainings and speaking engagements. 

Dr. Julia is the lead author of the text "Integrative Medicine for Vulnerable Populations: A Clinical Guide to Working with Chronic and Comorbid Medical Disease, Mental Illness, and Addiction," available here.

Julia Hodgson, PsyD MEd PMH-C

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